Mediation Skills & Dispute Resolution Strategies

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Mediation Skills and Dispute Resolution Strategies

Managing challenging behaviours is often a constant distraction for managers preventing them from achieving operational efficiency. Unresolved disputes are time-consuming and expensive. Develop tried and tested practical skills to deal with workplace conflict, improve morale and reduce staff turnover. Improve group cohesion by learning simple yet effective mediation skills.

Key Content Areas

  •               Typical scenarios: Understanding the patterns
  •               The key stages: From disagreement to dispute
  •               Dealing with dissent and disagreement productively before conflict occurs
  •               Identifying “ action points” in any dispute
  •               When is mediation appropriate
  •               The challenge of remaining neutral
  •               Steps to mediate in a constructive and goal orientated way.
  •               Using an evidence-based process to resolve conflicts quickly
  •               Skills to defuse pressure situations
  •               Careful use of language: Calming techniques to avoid escalation
  •               Set and maintain boundaries
  •               Gaining agreement on goals to achieve resolution
  •               Follow through and monitoring of agreed objectives .
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