Managing employee Performance & Appraisals

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Managing employee Performance and Appraisals

Raising issues regarding an employees’ time management or performance, or even more sensitive matters such as personal hygiene, can cause tension or conflict. Dealing competently with sensitive issues is a key skill for anymanager .

If not addressed with clarity and confidence, situations can quickly deteriorate.

Key Content Areas

  •               The framework for effective conversations
  •               Having that ”difficult” conversation:
  •               Setting and maintaining boundaries to prevent conversations degenerating
  •               The productive use of language
  •               Striking the right tone : The importance of clarity and directness
  •               Common pitfalls and traps to avoid
  •               Awareness of social and cultural differences
  •               Setting meaningful measurable work  KPI’s
  •               Agreeing on short, medium and long term goals.
  •               Follow up strategies
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