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Planning Staff for Redundancy and Career Transitioning

Over time every organisation will face change and need to adapt to new orunexpected circumstances. When new business goals are defined then the organisation will need to modify its practices accordingly. Managing a team where jobs are at risk is a challenging situation. This seminar will provide managers with key support strategies to assist them to deal with the practical aspects of change such as redundancy and restructuring.

Key Content Areas

  •               Provide a framework to reduce uncertainty
  •               Having that ”difficult” conversation: Informing employees about imminent changes
  •               Essential change management skills
  •               Common responses to uncertainty and change
  •               Understand how pressure, uncertainty and change can affect people
  •               Support strategies to assist with emotional and distressed employees
  •               Creating involvement in the change process
  •               Adapting work practices to accommodate change
  •               The importance of a pro-active response to change
  •               Maintaining motivation and confidence in individuals
  •               Maintain team engagement and performance during change
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