Managing Critical Incidents & Traumatic Events

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Managing Critical Incidents and Traumatic Events

When unexpected disasters occur managers are often expected to provide practical and emotional support. This seminar allows managers to consider the impact on them and their team if someone experiences a traumatic incident, and to prepare a strategy for post incident recovery. Managers will learn the skills required to appropriately respond when a traumatic incident occurs by discussing and reflecting on best practice.

Key Content Areas

  • Support skills and strategies: having the confidence to manage a crisis.
  • Understanding the psychological effects of grief, trauma and stress
  • Likely effects of a critical incident on individuals and how people typically respond
  • Recognising the key phases of the change cycle from incident back to normality
  • An understanding on the impact on behaviour and motivation
  • Appropriate and effective responses to distress in others
  • Guidance on handling sensitive conversations
  • Post Trauma “do’s and don’t’s”
  • Boundaries and Self-Care
  • Referral resources and additional support services
  • Facilitating the return to work process
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